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Women’s clinic

Your personal doctor will choose a pregnancy care program for you

Treatment of pregnancy pathologies

Pregnancy maintenance at own hospital

Getting ready for birth

“2 Plus” Prenatal Academy

Maternity clinic

A personal doctor and birth in a home atmosphere

Pediatric center

We will take care of your children’s health from birth to full age

Family traditions are our utmost value. Many generations of St. Petersburgers were born at our maternity clinic. We will be happy to become part of your family history.

To our clients

For your convenience, we have collected all the important information in one place.

If you have not found an answer to your question, please call +7 812 458-76-76

Contract signing procedure

  • Pregnancy care and birth contracts are made after consultation of the ob/gyn that you have chosen. We suggest that you meet our doctors at an individual visit.
  • The contract must be signed in person.
  • The patient shall provide her passport (notarial deed), healthcare insurance policy.
  • Payment under the contract shall be made by any convenient method.

Rules of visiting the Private Women’s Clinic

  • The women’s clinic is open every day from 8:00 to 21:00.
  • The women’s clinic shall be visited in opening hours. Visits shall be appointed in advance by calling + 7 812 458-76-76 or through the patient’s Private Office on the website.

Patients are admitted at any time day or night.


Our experts: more than 100 people

  • Alexey Igorevich Masniy / Chief Physician
  • Galina Alexandrovna Bobrova / Head of Postnatal Department, Obstetrician/Gynecologis
  • Georgiy Konstantinovich Parzalis /Head of Deputy Chief Physician for Obstetrics in Hospital
  • Inna Lmitrievna Karbovskaya / Head of the Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation, anesthesiologist-resuscitator
  • Sergey Vladimirovich Moiseev / Head ofthe Department of neonatal unit
  • Kristina Nugzarovna Alpaidze / Head of Center for Correction of pregnancy Pathology, Head of the Department of the center of gynecology and obstetrics, Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Dmitriy Gennadievich Bogolubov /The doctor ofanesthesiology and intensive care
  • Elena Yurievna Suvorova / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Valentina Sergeevna Vasilets / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Elena Michailovna Chorba / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Lydia Viktorovna Dolgushina / Midwife of the Birth Department / Doula
  • Roza Vladimirovna Stogova / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Yuliya Iosifovna Avtushenko / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Evgeniy Alekseevich Povolotskiy / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Alexander Igorevich Kuzin / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Denis Alexandrovich Makarov / The doctor of anesthesiology and intensive care
  • Nelly Eduardovna Makarova / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Yelena Anatolyevna Martynova / Midwife of the Birth Department
  • Olga Sergeevna Matveeva / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Victotia Victorovna Moiseeva / Neonatologi/ Osteopath
  • Kristina Yurievna Gulamova / Neonatologist
  • Lidia Ivanovna Soshneva / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Anna Sergeevna Irinina / Midwife of the Birth Department
  • Tatyana Vladimirovna Filippskikh / Midwife of the Birth Department
  • Inna Igorevna Shibanova / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Larisa Anatolyevna Chsherbina / Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Nikolai Aleksandrovich Korovkov / Obstetrician/Gynecologist

We are situated in the very heart of St. Petersburg.

Address: 36a Lit A Furshtatskaya Street, St. Petersburg. Help desk +7 812 458-76-76 [email protected]

The best conditions for pregnancy care in St. Petersburg

Pregnancy care and all examinations including laboratory and ultrasound tests, doctors’ consultations, and birth classes in one and the same place, which may be your home, is an optimal solution for a pregnant woman!

Your personal doctor will pick an individual pregnancy care program for you based on the results of your health analyses and all the factors that affect the fetal development or will recommend one of the standard programs. Should hospitalization be necessary, the mother-to-be will be taken to the Pregnancy Pathology Treatment Center, which is situated on the first floor of the maternity clinic.

Consultation of an Ob/Gyn, Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Pfyisian


The pregnancy care at the Furshtatskaya Maternity Clinic

At our Private apartment apartment we have to do our Women’s Clinic, we strive for a result, which is why our pregnancy care standard is somewhat extended.

What does it mean?

You will be offered to see focused specialists, i.e. an endocrinologist and a hematologist, as their involvement in pregnancy care is very important.

Hi hi this is our first time time we have our Doctors at our women’s clinic pay more attention to examinations, which leaves no chance for any infection effect on the fetus and the pregnant woman. Your blood group and Rh factor will be determined with phenotype. If need be, this will let us pick blood specimens individually for you.

Our pregnancy management program includes a full course of training at the 2 Plus Prenatal Academy, which includes a variety of special and elective classes, exercise, and oxygen therapy.

Specialists at our Family Clinic will give you all the necessary information about the upcoming childbirth and postpartum period, and the father-to-be will learn about adapting to the new period in your life. Knowledge shared by professionals will help you much more than girlfriends’ stories or Internet reviews.

Our extended pregnancy care standard will offer you more visits to an ob/gyn including a consultation of the Head of the Women’s Clinic and the doctor who will be in charge of your delivery. This way, as early as at the stage of pregnancy you will get to know your personal doctor and build a trusting relationship with him or her, which will be necessary during the upcoming childbirth.

Premium Antenatal Care from Early Terms of Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs as much care and sympathy as possible. Without doubt, your family, relatives, and friends are doing everything to give you and your baby everything you need and everything best.

At our Private Women’s Clinic, there are all the conditions for making even the most demanding patients as comfortable as possible.

You can entrust the arrangement of your examinations and consultations at the clinic and at home to your personal healthcare manager. She will be assigned to you from the moment of contract signing and until the program completion.

All your questions will be resolved promptly. You will not need to appoint consultations or remember to take the required tests. Your personal manager will warn you about visits to the doctor, agree a convenient time for next consultations with you, and accompany you at each visit to the clinic.

In addition, the exclusive Premium program includes the following extended range of medical services:

Consultations of personal ob/gyn, therapist, otolaryngologist, oculist, mammalogist, hematologist, endocrinologist, osteopath, and, if necessary, nephrologist, neurologist, and psychologist

Ultrasound scans, analyses, and examinations including extended examination of the blood coagulation system

Collection of analyses at home

4 classes according to the biofeedback system

The program includes a consultation of the Head of the Private Women’s Clinic and a joint consultation of an ob/gyn with the personal doctor who will be in charge of your delivery. You will be in constant contact with your ob/gyn. Should hospitalization be necessary, we will offer you a place at the Pregnancy Pathology Treatment Center.

Price of the service

Features of pregnancy

Antenatal care from 20 weeks of pregnancy

Price of the service


Antenatal care from 30 weeks of pregnancy

Price of the service


The Support program from 30 weeks of pregnancy

Price of the service


Maternity Clinic

Every couple is concerned with the question where to give birth to their long-awaited child. What are the best paid births in St. Petersburg? Where are the most professional doctors? Where is the most modern equipment? Where will you be welcomed and cherished? Where will you feel at ease? We know answers to all these questions — you will get the best conditions for childbirth at the Family Clinic “Roddom na Furshtatskoi”.

Program Privilege

330 000
Program VIP
440 000 ₽
Imperial Caesarean Section
Stay in a guest room

All birth programs include:

• Consultation of your personal anesthesiologist;

• Use of long-term regional anesthesia (epidural anesthesia);

• Individual medical care for a newborn *

• Personal physician (by your choice)

• Separate delivery room with modern medical equipment for family births

• Intensive care unit equipped with advanced technology, including neonatal intensive care unit

• Separate family room with en-suite bathroom

24-hour stay of a relative (father of the child) in the ward with 3 meals a day

• Medical and hygiene items for the newborn and the mother

• Consultation and examination of the mother and the newborn

24-hour follow up for the mother and the newborn by obstetrician-gynecologist and neonatologist

• Consultations of a nutritionist for the mother

• 6 dietary meals to order

• Festive reception at the discharge etc.

Chief Physician, MD—PhD, participating in the operational delivery


Management of childbirth by an individual birth attendant


Management of childbirth by a personal birth attendant


Management of personal anesthesiologist for childbirth
Management of Personal neonatologist

Comfort and safety / Increased security measures

Modern delivery rooms

In the Maternity Clinic “Roddom na Furshtatskoi”, we created a comfortable homely atmosphere in the delivery room, while having the opportunity to take immediate advantage of modern medical technologies.

Operating theater with laminar air sterilizer

The air supplied to the operating theater goes through a laminar sterilizer, which maintains an optimum level of humidity and air temperature. This reduces the risk of postoperative complications and minimizes the recovery period after surgery.
Separate postnatal wards
After the delivery, you and your newborn baby will be transferred to a separate postnatal ward for the rest of stay. We know that this is a special time for you and we want you to feel comfortable, therefore we ensure a cozy atmosphere in the wards with a well-thought-out design.
Medical diet for patients
The Center’s nutritionist developed a six-meal individual therapeutic diet, you can keep your personal preferences and follow national traditions.
Family birth
Family birth is a childbirth, which allows presence of one closest relative in the delivery room with the woman in labor and the newborn. Most often, it is the father of the child, but it is possible to give access to the mother, sister or female friend of the lying-in woman. On the one hand, family birth provides support and psychological comfort for the woman, and on the other, the family comes closer in this unique and important event.

Guest rooms for relatives and non-resident clients

In our family clinic we offer guest rooms for your convenience under the Births in St. Petersburg Program, when the maternity clinic ensures reception and accommodation of guests. The guest rooms can accommodate your relatives residing outside St. Petersburg, or you yourself in the pre-natal period.
Childbirth programs by recommendation of your personal physician and to your choice
A complete list of services for each childbirth program developed by our specialists.
Your personal team in childbirth and the postnatal period
You personal physician and birth attendant during labor and delivery, medical patronage for the entire stay in the clinic.
Neonatal Intensive Therapy Unit (Resuscitation unit)
Childbirth is the most important and magical event for a woman. In most cases, the newborn needs, primarily, maternal love and care. However, the baby can be born prematurely or with a medical problem that requires special conditions or complex treatment using modern advanced perinatal technologies. Also, during childbirth there can be complications that adversely affect health of the infant. In such cases, the newborn is transferred to the intensive care unit (Resuscitation unit).
Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Department
Anesthesia, monitoring of the fetus and emergency care at childbirth
Additional services in the maternity clinic
Everything for your convenience: from unlimited internet to a beauty salon.
For many years, the Maternity Clinic “Roddom na Furshtatskoi” has been successfully monitoring pregnant patients after ART (IVF, ICSI) in its own antenatal clinic. Our extensive experience in this area allows a competent follow up of pregnancy after ART, and provides an opportunity of giving birth in comfortable conditions attended by professionals.

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